At Metta Reiki Center, it is our goal to provide skilled and professional Reiki treatments at a price that is affordable and accessible for our community.  Gift certificates and packages are available as well.

Initial visit: $50 (Please plan for 90 minutes for your initial visit as this will also include a consultation and intake assessment)

60 minute session: $40

Cash or check is accepted as payment.

Session fees are refundable in cases of cancellation if notice of cancellation is given prior to the day of your appointment.

Refreshments including water infused with fresh herbs or warm herbal tea are provided with each visit.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please let us know if you have sensitivities to certain scents, incense or essential oils. Also, our center is located in a our home that we share with 2 rescue cats that are Bengals. Bengal cats are considered hypoallergenic for those with sensitivities; also, the cats do not go into the Reiki treatment room.

Please email mettareikicenter@gmail.com to set up your appointment – we look forward to seeing you!